There are many nearby places or villages of Jodhpur city , which are famous of their own culture , beauty , local cuisines , haveli’s , attire etc. These places are known for its rich heritage tourism places . The famous nearby villages which can be visited are Jaisalmer , Osiyan , Pokaran, Nathdwara etc . Many cities like Jaipur, Udaipur also famous cities of Rajasthan . Rajasthan’s most visited hill station is Mount Abu . In this page , you will find  information about these places.

Osian( ओसियां )

Osian or Osiyan  is an ancient town in the Jodhpur District well knowned for its large sand dunes. It is an oasis in Thar Desert . This place is also famous for Shree Sachiyay Mata Ji Temple (श्री सच्चियाय माताजी ) . Mostly people travel to this place to visit this temple . Osian is also famous for their  camel desert safari , 4 x 4 car desert safari etc on the sand dunes .

Distance from Jodhpur : 70 kms approx
Can be reached through :
by Road ,  by Railways
Famous Cuisine :
Daal Ke Bade ( दाल के बड़े ) with salted and fried Green Chillies of Jeevan Ramji Bade Wale ( जीवन राम जी बड़े वाले )
Google Maps :

Osian famous Sachiyay Mata ji Temple
Desert Safari at Osian Sand Dunes

Jaisalmer ( जैसलमेर )

Jaisalmer mostly known as “The Golden City”  of the Rajasthan state. This town lies in the heart of the Thar Desert. It is nearby to the India Pakistan border . Jaisalmer, being an arid desert region, is prone to extremes in terms of temperature. The temperature varies greatly from day to night in both summer and winter.The maximum summer temperature is around 49 °C (120 °F) while the minimum is 25 °C (77 °F). The maximum winter temperature is usually around 23.6 °C (74.5 °F) and the minimum is 5 °C (41 °F). Jaisalmer is famous for its large sand dunes and desert areas.  Camel desert safari as well as Car Desert Safari are also enjoyed by the tourists here. Many tourists are attracted to this place because of its culture , attire , music etc .

Jaisalmer Fort, Gadi Sagar Lake , many Jain Temples , ancient Haveli’s are also major attraction for the tourists.
Desert Festival of Jaisalmer is the most awaited and famous cultural and colourful event of Rajasthan. Camel races, Turban-tying and Mr. Desert competitions are organised. It is held in the month of February every year. The festival showcases Rajasthani folk songs and dance and it is very attractive to foreign tourists. Gair and Fire dancers which are the major attraction of the Jaisalmer desert festival celebrations. This is the best time to visit Jaisalmer to witness performing arts like Kalbelia dances and folk songs and music.

Distance from Jodhpur : 282 kms approx
Can be reached through :
by Road ,  by Railway, by airway
Famous Cuisine :
Daal Bati Churma with Gatte Ki Sabzi , Sogra Kaddi with Garlic Chilly Chutney 
Google Maps :

Camel Safari at Jaisalmer Thar Desert
Jaisalmer Fort

Udaipur ( उदयपुर )

Udaipur  also known as the “City of Lakes“, is a city in the state of Rajasthan . The city is located in the southernmost part of Rajasthan, near the Gujarat border. It is surrounded by the Aravali Range, which separates it from the Thar Desert. Udaipur is well connected with nearby cities and states by means of road, rail and air transportation facilities, including Maharana Pratap Airport. Common languages spoken include Hindi, English and Rajasthani (Mewari).
Udaipur is mostly visited by the tourists.

It is popularly known as the “City of Lakes” because of its sophisticated lake system. It has seven lakes surrounding the city. Five of the major lakes, namely Fateh Sagar Lake, Lake Pichola, Swaroop Sagar Lake, Rangsagar and Doodh Talai Lake.

The Udaipur economy is primarily driven by tourism, though minerals, marble processing, chemical manufacturing and development, electronic manufacturing and the handicraft industry are also contributors.The summer season runs from mid-March to June and touches temperature ranges from 23 °C (73 °F) to 44 °C and observe pleasant sunny days and enjoyable cool nights with the temperature ranging from 5 °C (41 °F) to 30 °C (86 °F).
Udaipur is home to IIM Udaipur, the fifth best management institution in the country according to NIRF ranking released by MHRD.
Udaipur is attracted because of City Palace , Lake Palace , Fateh Sagar lake , Lake Pichola . This city is one of the most visited as well luxurios city of Rajasthan .
The nearby places of Udaipur  are Nathdwara ( famous for Shree Nath ji Temple) ,Eklingji Temple , Goram Ghat  , Kumbalgarh Fort , Haldighati, Ranakpur .

Distance from Jodhpur : 250 kms approx
Can be reached through :
by Road ,  by Railway, by airway
Famous Cuisine :
Street Food 
Google Maps :

Udaipur – The City of Lakes
The Lake Palace – Udaipur

Mount Abu (माउंट आबू)

Mount Abu is a hill station in the Aravalli Range in Pindwara  Of Sirohi district of Rajasthan state near the border with Gujarat. The highest peak on the mountain is Guru Shikhar at 1,722 m (5,650 ft) above sea level. It is referred to as ‘an oasis in the desert’ as its heights are home to rivers, lakes, waterfalls and evergreen forests.

The nearest train station is Abu Road railway station: 28 km away. The only means to reach to the mount Abu is by road that is either from buses, two wheelers or 4 wheelers

Tourist mostly visit here in the month of June , July , August , September , in the summers . This place is famous for bearable cold temperature , Fogg in early mornings , rains etc .

Summer prevails from mid-April to mid-June, when the average maximum temperature remains around 34°C. It is suited for light cotton clothes.

Due to its relief and geographical conditions, it rains in Mount Abu during the monsoons. During the rainy season, the temperature falls. Normal summer clothing works. It is wise to carry an umbrella to avoid being caught in the rain.

Winters are cool in Mount Abu, with mercury hovering around 13°C to 22°C. Nights are chilly, and the average night temperature is around 3 to 12°C. The temperature has dipped to as low as −1 to −3°C. Heavy winter clothing is preferable. In the daytime, light pullovers are sufficient.

In mount Abu , the tourism places include Guru Shikhar (highest peak of Mount Abu) , Sunset Point , Nakki Lake , Tibetian Market etc .

A 3- day visit to Mount Abu is sufficient enough to enjoy this place.
This place is rich in hotels , restaurants (including various franchise chains)  , markets , local cuisines like Raw mangoes served with salt , roasted corn with spices on it , maggie etc

Distance from Jodhpur : 265 kms approx
Can be reached through :
by Road ,  by Railway(till Abu Road Railway Station)
Famous Cuisine :
Street Food 
Google Maps :

Mount Abu during Monsoon
Nakki Lake – Mount Abu