Jodhpur  is most popular for its Gangaur (गणगौर ) Mela or Gawar Mata (गवर माता ) ka Mela . This festival comes in the month of April  just after the festival of colors that is Holi. This festival is of about 1 month in which ladies worship the goddess Gawar Mata ji and god Isar ji  commonly known as  Gawar- Isar Ji (गवर ईसर जी ) . As a part of this festival , many other festivals are also celebrated like Badi Teej , Bholavni , Dhinga Gawar (Beth Maar) Mela (धींगा गवर – बैथ मार ). In this many people are dressed up like some god or goddess in a tractor trolley typically known as Jhaaki (झांकी ) or Jhaakiya (झांकियां ). These Jhaakiya are shown up on the roads of the city in the night with full of enjoyment . Here people from all over the city enjoy these types of road show whole month. This road show is only from particular road that is it starts from Jalori Gate Circle and ends at Clock Tower ” Ghanta Ghar”  via Khanda Falsa, Ada Bazar , Mirchi Bazar , Manak Chowk.

The Dhinga Gawar (Beth Maar) (धींगा गवर – बैथ मार ) Mela ,  is the last and the most popular festival of this Gangaur month in which ladies whole night beats men with a stick (as a part of ritual). Ladies are dressed up like some god or godess , with their groups roam in the old city whole night and enjoy their culture by performing ritual activities. Around 30-40k population of the city comes to visit this festive as it is very enjoyed festive of the year.