Jodhpur is the place where you will find all type of fashion from oldest to newest from low to high range with complete variety. If you want to shop some traditional, cultural, ethnic, classy, antique then you are at right place.

Jodhpur’s famous bandhej , lehariya , chundri , block prints, wooden handicrafts are one of its kind . They can be worn in various forms like turban, shirts, blouses, lehengas , kurtas etc.

Jodhpuri bandgala are very much favourite in worldwide.

In this section, you will get know about the famous markets of the city where you can easily find all the things you are looking for!

Tripoliya Baazar,Old City

Tripoliya Baazar is one of the famous market in the Jodhpur where you will find all things which you make use in your day to day life. It is mostly famous for clothing and household provisional items like Cereals, Dry fruits, oil , ghee etc.

And yes this place also have heritage beauty of city Jodhpur, like many old heritage hotels, temples, compact shops, busy roads and what not.

It is highly recommended and best place  for Ladies to shop over here and explore more of this market.

What do you find here?

So if you  are finding Jodhpur’s famous clothes like Chundri, Bandhej, Lehengas, Block Prints, this is the only place you will get it with reasonable rates and a wide variety.

And if Males are looking for Shirt and Trouser cut pieces, this is also one of the good options to go with.

Jodhpur Leheriya
Jodhpuri Lehriya Saafa(Turban)
Bandhej Print
Block Print
Jodhpuri Bandgala

If you are here and looking to have a big shopping at reasonable rates, I would highly recommend you to hire a Clothing Broker. It will make your shopping experience easy, you can explore much more as compared to if you are doing it alone and new to the Jodhpur.

Sardarpura B and C road

This place also similar to Tripoliya Baazar, but it have all types of markets like clothing, provisional stores, supermarkets, electronic markets, handlooms, sweet shops, etc.

You will find mostly readymade clothing stores from local as well as branded merchants.

Many brands have their stores in this area.

So this area is one stop for all your need!

You will enjoy shopping here with the busy roads all over.