Mandore Garden

Famous for its wide green expanses, exquisite architecture and royal cenotaphs. Mandore Garden of Jodhpur is indeed a sight to behold. Located just 9 kilometres away from Jodhpur. Mandore Garden is situated in Mandore which was once the ruling seat of the Pratihara dynasty. The garden is a part of the more massive Mehrangarh Fort, and also houses the famous Hall of Heroes and the temple of Three Hundred Million Gods. The garden also has a Government Museum, which is full of artefacts and old relics.

The most striking feature of the garden is the gorgeous cenotaphs or ‘dewals’ that can be found spread all across the Mandore Gardens. Undoubtedly, the most beautiful and famous of these cenotaphs is the one that belongs to Maharaja Ajit Singh. The structures inside the garden are undoubtedly its most striking feature. The Hall of Heroes for instance – has 16 figures of warriors carved from a single rock.

The Mandore Gardens are adorned with beautiful cenotaphs, which heighten the beauty of the gardens and add to its rich historical connections. These cenotaphs are a class apart from the usual Rajasthani umbrella-shaped structures. These cenotaphs have been erected in a style that was influenced by the architecture of a Hindu temple. These are four-floors high, have all been built in red sandstone, and are complete with well-defined columns and stylish spires. Mandore garden also called as ” In laws of Ravan”.

In Mandore garden there are a Museum. Though who are curious to attain even greater information about the garden and the structures. Then you should visit the museum of Mandore garden. The government museum is home to numerous artefacts and relics and is a storehouse of information.

Tips for Tourists:

1. Ensure that you are wearing comfortable footwear as you will have to walk around a lot. Also, you need to remove your shoes before entering the cenotaphs.
2. It is suggested that one wears shades and carries an umbrella to avail some protection from the scorching heat.
3. Do not forget to take your camera along, as the place has opportunities for clicking some fantastic photographs.
4. Beware from Monkeys because there are a lot of monkeys.

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