Jaswant thada

Jaswant thada

In the royal state of Jodhpur lies Jaswant Thada, a splendid marble monument that is also a grave for the kings of Marwar. Maharaja sardar singh built the memorial in the honor and memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II in 1899 .The beautiful architecture is made out of intricately carved marble that is offset vibrantly against the red steps that lead up to the entrance. In Jodhpur,Jaswant Thada is an architectural landmark and must seen. On the steps leading up to the monument, you can see local musicians and folk dancers entertain the visitors.

There is Lack in which you can see some swimming ducks. This lack was used for performing rituals. The grave also has a beautifully maintained garden. The tourists can explore garden along with the monument. You can explore the intricate artistry on the carved marbles. The skilfully carved thin sheets of marble are worth appreciating. The entire structure resembles a temple with unmatched beauty. It is also called the Taj Mahal of Marwar and attracts tourists from all over the world.


  • Tips for Travellers:
  • Take a combine tour of Meharangarh and Jaswant thada because these two beautiful places are located quite close to one another.
  • Please remove your shoes while at Jaswant Thada. It is a way of paying respect to the deceased.
  • Wear comfortable shoes if you have plan to visit more than one place in Jodhpur city.
  • Time to visit :
  • 9am To 5pm


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